The Story of Ali ibn Abi Thalib Murder

Published: 20th May 2010
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The Story of Ali ibn Abi Thalib Murder

'Ali ibn Abi Talib is the Rasulillah ? son in law who got the name of honor (kuniyyah), Abu Turab (father of land) from Rasulillah ?. Abu Turab is the most beloved call by 'Ali for this honor a precious keepsake from the noble Prophet ?. He was taken an oath of allegiance became caliph on Friday the 25th Dhul-Chijjah year 35 Hijri (June 4 656 M). The Prophet ? spoke: "Undoubtedly this flag Tomorrow morning I'll give it to the man who would be given the victory because of his efforts. He is the love of Allah and His Messenger of Allah and His Messenger love him."

At Khaibar wartime and year seven months Shafar Hijri whose that have made him an authoritative for the Muslims generally. Because after the tempting word was spoken; the disciples torn chattering about who the lucky ones who will get the honor. After then they all were ambitious to become such a great figure. On a beautiful early morning it was all disciples including 'Umar ? who have never ambitious to be leaders, self-effacing to get elected. It turned out that 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ? receiving such a large fortune. 'Ali bin Abi Talib ? has also been credited with killing Talha ibn' Uthman. Ibn-Athir describes Ali's ? favor in killing Talha ibn' Uthman in the battle of Uhud Shawwaal year three Hijri (January 625 AD):

Talha bin 'Uthman the idolaters war-flag bearers said, "O Muhammad Disciples party, you guys really believe that God will quicken us to hell by your sword, and speed you to heaven through our swords. Now anyone dares to speed up your- self to heaven by the hand my sword or speed down to hell by your sword?. "'Ali ? torn serving the challenge, moving quickly to hit breaking his legs. He fell till his nakedness appeared cause the fabric exposed, and begged 'Ali to be afraid of God, and pity him as companions, Ali then left him". Suddenly the Prophet ? shouted takbeer because of the spectator, and asks, "What stops you to finish him"?. "Ali ? replied, "Because he's begging for attention to God and our relatives, so I finally feel reluctant of it." [Al-Kamil fit-Tarikh 1 / 294]. Thabrani students Ahmad bin 'Ali Abu al-Abbar students Umayyad students' Uthman ibn' Isma'il Abdir-Rahman ibn Rashid students narrated about, 'Ali ibn' Abi Talib ? death, which coincides with the date of Friday 17 Ramadan 40 Hijri year (February 24 661 AD): It is said that including the hadeeth of Ibn Muljam and his companions that accursed by God That Is: It's 'Abdur-Rahman bin Muljam, Al-Barku ibn' Abdillah and 'Amer ibn Bakr At-Taimi held a meeting in Mecca to discuss public affairs and denounced the action Muslimiin figures. Those talks evolved toward a discussion of their concerns on townspeople Nahar who once fought against 'Ali ?. They said, "By Allah we have not contributed as much as the characters (Khawarij) who have preceded us. The characters have become propagators who called on our predecessors to worship Allah, and in worship they are not afraid to people verbally abuse. Let us sacrifice ourselves and make sure by visiting and ensuring the great figures Muslimiin killed, as an effort to make our city population, not vengeance and that our predecessors vengeance was retaliated. Ibn Muljam allegedly a resident of Egypt said, "I indeed clean up your affairs in the form of eliminating 'Ali ?." Al-Barku ibn' Abdillah said: "It is I Who Will take care of your affairs in the form of eliminating Mu'awiyyah bin Abi Sufyan . "'Amer ibn Bakr At-Tamimi said," I'll clean up your affairs in the form of eliminating' Amer ibn 'Ash. "

The three men who threatened his death are great figure of Muslims who was then the names shake world because it was the glory days of Islam period:

1. 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ? very great Caliph. 2. Mu'awiyyah as a governor who is very influential because it had been a secretary Rasulillah ?. 3. 'Amer ibn' Ash, who had been appointed as the commander of the war by Abu Bakr, even pertained Umara'ul-Ajnad (a kind of big generals).

Three of them made conspiracy and a secret agreement that bound with an oath by Allah that no one of them to cancel the plan so successfully killed their targets or die because of these insane plans. The three of them took the sword to be toxic, and firm up the agreement that each of the three will attack their victims on 17 Ramadan. The three of them go to town, inhabited by their respective targets. Ibn Al-Muradi Muljam visit friends in the city of Kufa, but he hid his plans for fear that someone would know. Ibn Muljam also visited his friends from a big family Taimir-Rabab, a large family in wartime An-Nahar many have been murdered.

Large family-Rabab Taimir talking and feeling sorry for their families who died in these wars. Coincidence when it appears a woman named Qatham bint Sachnah from a large family-Rabab Taimir who harbored a grudge against 'Ali ? who had killed his father and brother in the war Nahar. It is said that Qatham Sachnah beauty is extraordinary (perfect). Because of Qatham binti Sachnah beauty he forgot the original purpose (enchanted). Ibn Muljam apply Qatham Bint Sachnah . Qatham bint Sachnah replied, "I'm not going to get married so that you can treat my ill." Ibn Muljam asked, "Actually what do you want?." He replied, "Three thousand dinars and the slaves of men and an actrees and kill 'Ali ?!. "Ibn Muljam said," This means that as a dowry for you. But do you really want 'Ali has been murdered?. "

It was narrated that Ibn Abi 'Ayyasy Al-Muradi said: (Actually there is no more expensive dowry than killing Ali ibn Abi Talib ?)."

He replied, "Yes!. Ensure tha the murder on ghurrah month (around the 15th)!. If you succeed then we are both satisfied, then we both live happy full of benefits. But if you have been murdered, it is with Allah is far better than the world and the jewelry of its inhabitants. "Ibn Muljam said," Actually my arrival here was intended to kill him. "He replied," If your courage had been full let me know, I will sent people to help and support you. "Finally Qatham command man from his family who promised named Wardan. Ibn Muljam came to the man (close sidekick) from large families Asyja 'named Syabib bin Najdah to say, "Are not you going to get the glory of the world and the hereafter?." He replied, "What do you mean?." Ibn Muljam replied, "Kill Ali ? . 'He replied, "You are crazy. Undoubtedly you've been doing real madness. Is it possible that you could kill him?. "Ibn Muljam said," I will hide in the dawn time. If he has left home to lead dawn prayers, then at that time we attack and kill him. If we survive in this plan then we are satisfied and our grudges have been paid, but if we die then the reward from Allah is far better than the world and jewelry of its' inhabitants. He said, "You really need help. But if this plan is aimed at other than 'Ali concern would easier. Because I know well that his services in Islam is very large. He also included an initial disciples of Prophet ?. Frankly, in this case I feel heavy. Ibn Muljam said, "Don't you know that he was fighting Nahara inhabitants persistent worship and pray?." He replied, "Yes." Ibn Muljam said, "We killed him because avenge our brothers that he killed at that time. "After Syabib bin Najdah approve it, they all immediately said goodbye," We all have consensus will kill 'Ali ?, "to Qatham who stayed inside the Great Mosque. Qatham replied, "If you have been ready to go come here again!." Ibn Muljam come to say to Qatham, "I and my two friends have promised that each of us would kill a great figure." Shortly thereafter Qatham requested silk fabric wrapped in for the three of them, (maybe to give them support). The three of them took their swords and then leave for the front door that is usually used out by 'Ali ?.

Eventually 'Ali came out to lead dawn prayers saying, "pray the prayer." Syabib bin Najdah moved fast attacking Ali with his sword, but the sword hit door frame or ornament. Ibn Muljam move quickly hit the pole of Ali's head with his sword. Wardan sprinted back to his home, chased by the boys of his mother. The man entered the Wardan's house while Wardan was taking off silk and put his sword. The man asked, "What's wrong with silk and this sword?." Wardan had to speak frankly to him. The man hurried back home to retrieve his sword and slashed to Wardan until death.

Syabib fled toward the gate of Kindah city pursued by the flock. Syabib collapsed bloody because her legs was hit and slammed by 'Uwaimir from Chadhramaut. When the mass has been closer Syabib; moment Syabib had mastered his sword. 'Uwaimir let Syabib fled and entered the crowd of the mass rather than he attacked himself.

Ibn Muljam crashed while fleeing from the pursuit of the man who used to be called Aba Adama of Hamdan because his legs were broken by the man's sword. 'Ali ? pushed (Ja'dah bin bin Abi Hubairah Wahb).s back to represent the congregational dawn prayer; Part of pilgrims came running from all directions to attack Ibn Muljam. Some people reported that Muhammad bin Chunaif said: "By Allah, the night of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib was sworded; at that time I prayed with the men of the city in the Great Mosque, which is near the door-out of the Ali's house to the mosque. Among them who are standing, there were on the bow, some were prostration. They do not get bored prayers since the beginning to the end of the night. Suddenly 'Ali ? out the door to lead dawn prayers chanting, "Prayers of prayer." I myself do not know whether he uttered first the sentence or see shiny swords first. I heard, "(No law except the powers of Allah, not your right O ! Ali, and not a right your companions)." Then I saw the sword flashed. Then I saw the gmass coming. I heard 'Ali ? command, "Do not let him off!." Moments later from all corners of folck sprinted after him. I was in that location until Ibn Muljam caught and put into the house 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ?.

I entered the Ali?'s house to follow the people. Suddenly I heard 'Ali ibn Abi Talib? said, "(Soul rewarded with soul. If I die then kill him as he sworded me)!. But if I'm still alive, then we should have had a view of what happened to?. "At the time of Ibn Muljam brought into the house of 'Ali,' Ali said," O enemy of God, have not I been good to you?, Have not I been treating you with good?. "He replied," Yes. "'Ali said," And what induced you to do this?. "I've been sharpening my sword for forty dawn then pray that God will kill the bad-ugly creature with this sword."' Ali said, "I am sure you will be slain with the sword, and you are including such the most ugly creature." It is said that Ibn Muljam was tied two hands tightly to the shoulder in front Chasan.

Suddenly, the Ali's daughter called Umm Kulthum was crying, "O enemy of Allah, my father was not anything; while you will be humiliated by Allah." Ibn Muljam replied, "Why are you crying?. I bought the sword for the sake of Allah for a thousand (dinars), and has been given it a thousand poisons. If this sword blows hurt all over this town inhabitants they would not survive even one hour. But your father was still alive until today. "'Ali said to Chasan," If I survive, I already have the calculation. But if I die because of this sword blow, then strike him with the sword once, do not torture. For truly I never heard Rasulallah ? prohibits torture even in the wild dog. "A history explains that Jundub ibn 'Abdillah entered the house' Ali to ask," If we lose the master, then we will take an oath of allegiance on Chasan".

"'Ali ibn Abi Talib ? said, "This one I did not order and did not prohibit, you know more." When 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ? had died; Chasan ? ordered Ibn Muljam brought into the house. Ibn Muljam say when it has come into the Chasan's house, "May I ask something?, By Allah since long ago if I swear to Allah I would do. I once swore to God's will kill 'Ali and Mu'awiyyah, or I die while attacking them both. If you agree to release me to kill him. I swear to Allah if I failed to kill him, I will submit my to yours."

It seemed Ibn Muljam was fully confident that Chasan hated Mu'awiyyah ibn Abi Sufyan, so he offered services in order to kill Mu'awiyyah to let him go.

Chasan ? said, "For God, no, or you will see hell." Chasan ? ordered Ibn Muljam proposed to be cleared his head with a sword. Furthermore, the body is inserted in bawari (place). Soon the society burned it with fire. Before it was' Ali ibn Abi Talib ? had said, "Yes, big family, 'Abdul-Muttalib, not to happen one day I met you guys involve in his Muslim blood simply because' we do this because Amir al-Mu'miniin killed, we do because Amir al-Mu'miniin murdered. Remember, there should not be killed unless someone who has strike with his sword at me!. "

Remarkable, in the moment of anger 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ? at the top, he could still talk with the wise and prudent. Actually, the last testament before his death incredibly long and beautiful. No wonder if the Messenger of Allah ? had said, "(He was the love of Allah and His Messenger of Allah and His Messenger love him)."

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